FilterBalls Green™

Rated to 10 microns, FilterBalls Green™ are designed for industrial use in high pressure applications but great everywhere lightweight media, tight filtration and energy savings are desired.

Product Highlights:

FilterBalls™ costs less than traditional filter sand
Back-washable regenerative filter media
Proprietary Polyester fiber is 100% recyclable
Chemically resistant
Initial pressure drop of (less than) Lower operating pressure means less energy required for equal flow volumes
1 Lb of FilterBalls™ replaces 100 Lbs of sand
FilterBalls™ is used in the sand filter housing you already own
FilterBalls™ offer unparalleled performance
NO fiber migration
10 micron retention at 95% removal
Capable of 97% de-watering by gravity drain alone
NSF 61, 52, and 42 have been applied for

FilterBalls Green™ are made from a proprietary, patent protected design and proudly made in the USA.