Customer Experiences

Location: Hurst, TX
System: Carvin L250 with Waterway two-speed pump; 1- ½” PVC pipe
Pool: Above Ground; 18,536 gallons
Problem(s): “Pool not clearing; spending ~100’s of dollars in chemicals every week”.
“Lots of fine silt in the air from nearby land development”
Solution: Slow the pump to the lower speed, change filter media from Blὒ to Sanž

“I think we fixed my problem! Thank you so much for taking time to confirm my research/decision to run pump on low. And I learned a lot more about pool hydraulics from you too. I don’t know that I’ve ever experienced better customer service! Thank you!” ~ pool owner – Hurst, TX

“1 week (with daily rain) with correct amt of Sanz filter balls… water is crystal clear! Unbelievable!! If you could understand how freakin’ frustrating and expensive this pool was for me this summer, you’d understand the depth of my satisfaction and gratitude! Thanks again!! “ ~ pool owner – Hurst, TX



Sample Benchmark: FilterBalls Blü vs #20
filter sand with a two speed pump. FilterBalls
reduced energy use by 74 percent, saving the
average residential pool owner $110 per month

Residential Pool Media Benchmark;
29,000 gallon Pool, Carvin L250; 350 pound sand filter.
2 speed / 1.5HP pump
Just 3 lightweight bags of FilterBalls replaced
Qty (6) 50 pound bags of sand